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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rugs

Area rugs are a very popular way of finishing that final touch to your home, whether its under your beautiful dinning room table, or next to your fire place or even in your living room in front of that wonderful comfy sofa everyone loves to sit on when they come over. It’s only natural to want to make sure its clean. Your beautiful Gabbeh, priceless Nain, precious Serapi or Kilim, or your favorite shabby chic, we understand that you want it to be like brand new. 

Oriental Rug Image
Oriental Rug Image

What Coastal Can Do For Your Oriental Area Rugs

Cleaning Oriental and fine area rugs Pet Odor Treatment of Oriental and fine area rugs.
Cleaning and stain removal for all types of fine rugs and carpets

We use Eco-friendly, safe, no harm to pets or children cleaning agents to ensure that your rug colors are restored to their best and that dyes remain stable and do not transfer. The shampoo process we use will all depend on the nature of the rug. Your rug may be wet with power sprayers and shampooed with brushes that scrub and deep clean the rug. In some cases the rug may require submerging in a special wash tub without the use of brushes or power spraying.

Oriental Rug Cleaning spring hill fl


We Recommend

Rotate your rug – To make sure that your rug experiences the same amount of traffic on each side so that to much wear is not visible only on one area. Depending upon if you have higher traffic patterns, you may need to rotate twice a year or if lower traffic only every two years.

Vacuuming – Vacuum your rug on a regular basis, vacuuming is 70% of keeping your rug cleaned. Use only suction on the fringe if your vacuum has a beater bar.

Padding – To help reduce wear on your rug fibers use a quality pad under it, this could also help help prevent slippage as well.

Here at Coastal Carpet Systems of the Tampa Bay Area we understand how great it is to have that favorite area rug clean. Les us help you make sure that it is done with the proper steps and professionals. 


We GUARANTEE our services when it comes to your special oriental/area rug.

Call Coastal Carpet Systems of the Tampa Bay Area today for a professional cleaning for your area rug. (352) 515-0402

Oriental Rug Image
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