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  • How should I prepare for your arrival?
    Remove all small things you can from the rooms you want cleaned, such as small rugs, magazines, kids toys, etc. breakables from the tops of any furniture you will be requesting us to move.
  • Should I vacuum before you arrive?
    The most helpful thing is to have the carpet clear of of all small items and cords. We always pre-vacuum every job regardless of the carpet’s conditions.
  • How wet is the carpet after the cleaning?
    Our superior and powerful truck mount has incredible vacuum suction leaving the carpet only damp to the touch. After 4-6 hours your carpet should be completely dry depending on the humidity.
  • How long do the carpets take to dry after cleaning?
    Our dry times vary from 4-6 hours, depending on the humidity.
  • Can we walk on the carpets after they are cleaned?
    Yes! Just no shoes for 24 hours, just socks or bare feet.
  • Do you move furniture?
    We do not move beds and/or heavy items. We will however move "light furniture". The furniture that we do move will be put back in place once we complete the job.
  • Are your cleaning products safe for the environment?
    Yes, our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We do not use harsh chemicals.
  • What type of equipment is used for your carpet cleaning?
    We use truck mounted equipment, which is the # 1 van powered carpet & floor cleaning machine in the industry.
  • What is your process?
    Our process is the industry’s standard of Hot Water Extraction. Otherwise known as Steam Cleaning. The first step, a mild detergent is pre sprayed onto the the carpet. Next adequate dwell time is allowed for the pre-spray to soak in the soils. During this time hoses from the top of the line Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine are brought for the final step. A hot water rinse, around 240 degrees to sanitize, while simultaneously a powerful vacuum is removing all dirty water.
  • Will all the spots come out?
    Most carpets have a few stains that are permanently damaged, but we aim to remove as much as possible.
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
    Carpet manufacturers recommend every 12 months. If there is high traffic areas in your home we recommend every 6 months. If there are children and/or pets in the home we recommend having your carpet cleaned every 3 to 4 months.
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