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Water, although one of the most precious resources to man, can also be one of the most terrifying natural disasters, causing much costly damage to your most prized possessions. Types of water damage besides natural disaster can include plumbing failures, constructive defects, damage from freezing, improper maintenance etc.

When a water loss occurs, the most critical factor in defining the amount of damage done is the amount of time the structure remains abnormally wet. The most important course of action in restorative drying is to respond quickly.

The goal of the restoration process is to transform an abnormally wet damaged area into an environment equal or better appearance and cleanliness than before the damage occurred. Coastal Carpet will begin this process by identifying all affected materials. Water must be tracked from its main source followed in every direction to estimate the accurate area of the water damage.

 You want to call a professional to make sure the situation is handled correctly, making sure there is no reoccurring situations causing growth of microbial bacteria.

Coastal will bill your insurance company directly saving you the time and trouble since you have already been through enough. If you do not plan on filing an insurance claim no need to worry, our rates are better then some of the most competitive.  We take pride in making life as easy as possible for our clients in these tough situations. 

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